When the playground is not enough

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When the playground is not enough

Nowadays children are not afraid. They are faster, stronger, and smarter than their previous generations. Children can do anything. They remember more, practice more activities and they have an earlier connection with the outside world. All these situations bring to the parents many worries, which are justified, however, they are inevitable. At the present time, we are seeing kids who not only run, swim or ride a bike. They are practicing extreme sports.  

Every day, more and more school kids are engaging in these disciplines and some parents agree with this and focus on the advantages while other parents do not agree and prefer to concentrate on the disadvantages:

  • The child is part of a community of sports athletes and is passionate about something.
  • There is the risk of a serious injury which might bring repercussions.
  • The kid is exercising his body, and staying away from alcohol and drugs.
  • The child could be too young to understand the danger.
Jose Manuel Aguilera Rioboo – Kids are practicing extreme sports

The need of a kid for a sugar rush has been replacing with the desire of climbing a rock, jumping a ramp or riding the perfect wave. Times are changing, but it would seem that not as fast as children. At the age of thirteen, Jett Eaton, was invited to the ESPN’s X Games, at fourteen, Chloe Kim became the winter’s X Games youngest medalist, and at eight Minna Stess was a skater participant of the MegaRamp.

The other side of this sport is the parents. Christine Wolf, the mother of two teenagers, wrote for the ChicagoNow, a blogging site, about her son’s accident. In it, she explains all the emotions she went through and how she still feels stressed about that memory. Also, she justifies her reasons on why she supports her kids on practicing extreme sports, and she understands that kids and danger are always connected. You can hide it or embrace it. It is up to you.

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