[Jose Manuel Aguilera Rioboo] Extreme Parkour Tips

[Jose Manuel Aguilera Rioboo] Extreme Parkour Tips

If you are the kind of person who loves parkour and that kind of sports then this article is for you. Today we will talk about this amazing sport that is, of course, the mentioned one, parkour.

Parkour is not only a sport, for some people it implies a living way because of it amazing excitement loads! This sport is also kind of hard so you rather get the good prevention tips.

You must have a good trainer: If you are looking to have a good parkour techniques, you rather have a trainer. It will not be that easy to find maybe, but once you get it, it will flow easily. You shouldn’t take that much risk because parkour advanced tricks and jumps can lead you to a hospital and you don’t want that. Avoid it!

Jose Manuel Aguilera Rioboo - Parkour
Jose Manuel Aguilera Rioboo – Amazing Parkour Tips

Avoid exaggerations: you may feel extremely excited from one moment to another but do not let the emotion of the moment take control of you, Instead, you rather learn some important emotional intelligence as if you were a businessman because sure, you will need that a lot if you want to succeed in your path. This is important and even if it sounds like off topic, it will help you more of what you think.

Remember to train safely do not try something that could be actually very stupid like jumping from one building to another or from a house to another. That s something that ou can do when you feel advanced but otherwise you rather try from a very low roof. This is important because you don’t want to be destroyed by your own actions. You rather be careful with this one.

Jose Manuel Aguilera Rioboo - Parkour tips
Jose Manuel Aguilera Rioboo – Parkour techniques

Remember to practice safely and remember not to go under a very dangerous parameter this is important so you can keep living and enjoy this good sport.

-Jose Manuel Aguilera Rioboo

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