Jose Manuel Aguilera Rioboo: Dos and Don’ts for Motocross

Jose Manuel Aguilera Rioboo: Dos and Don’ts for Motocross

There are many things that you can do while practicing motocross, but still there are many others that you shouldn’t. Let’s see which ones are recommendable first.


Jose Manuel Aguilera Rioboo: Be careful
Be careful
  • Keep your own line and do your best to keep it during the whole race.
  • Keep your hands holding the motorbike, so that you can have the stability you need.
  • Look to your way and the other way as well, so that you know if there is any obstacle on the road (or even another motorbike who comes against you, you never know).
  • Race on the appropriate area and avoid entering the rocks if you have to stay on the ground or in any other part.

Some don’ts, so you know what is wrong to do as well:


Jose Manuel Aguilera Rioboo: Jumps are risky
Jumps are risky
  • Don’t get excessive and do something you can. Your limits have to be known by you and if you don’t, then there are high chances of getting a serious injury that could lead you to the hospital.
  • Don’t try doing weird tricks when you are on the air because that could also lead you to a serious injury and a great pain that you sure prefer avoiding.
  • Don’t stand on the motorbike to show off. This is important because sometimes people like to show off when they win, but even if they did and the motorbike still moves, chances of falling are kind of high anyway.
  • Don’t try to make fall other racers. Even if that means that you have a higher chance of winning, this would be just disrespectful and dangerous for you. You don’t want to fall nor other people make you fall either, then you don’t do it, so everything goes the right way.

These were some good tips that you should consider next time you go motocross, remember that a good racer is not the fastest one, but the one who survives many races because of his carefulness.

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