Base Jumping Tips

Base Jumping Tips

Base jumping is a very good sport that you should try if you love jumping from high heights and also using a parachute to fall. You should also take these important tips into consideration, so that you do it more accurately.

Don’t get so risky

Jose Manuel Aguilera Rioboo: Base Jump
Base Jump

Base jumping will require you to be as preventive as possible because taking unnecessary risks could cost you your life. When you jump from a 500 foot bridge, you shouldn’t consider it as a simple task to do or even underestimate the power of gravity. Since you may be probably very excited, it will be important that you learn to control your emotions as much as possible because maybe without noticing it, you are preventing yourself from taking a jump to death.

Jose Manuel Aguilera Rioboo: You won't call emergency while falling
You won’t call emergency while falling

Call emergency before the emergency

Even if at the end everything will be all right, you should at least make know to the closest emergency group that you will be practicing base jumping. You never know when that help will be necessary, you surely need a lot of help before something like that happens and this would be advisable, so that you have a better chance of having a helping hand just in case you need it.

Jose Manuel Aguilera Rioboo: You shouldn't go alone
You shouldn’t go alone

Bring people with you

Also, if you have more people with you, chances are that you have a better expectation to do everything just nice. In fact, you could have another person who could let you know if there is river traffic in the water you will practice on in case you prefer to jump on water first. This is very advisable also, so that they could call emergency for you if you are in such a need. Having more people with you will make for not only taking amazing pictures, but also will help you in case you can’t help you by your own.

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